About LIBC


The Leisure Isle Boat Club is situated on the northern shore of Leisure Island. The picturesque little Peter Gordon Harbour provides a safe haven from the storm-force westerly winds that can wreak havoc particularly in the winter months. The harbour, originally built in 1992, was extended and upgraded in 2004. It has ample berthing and caters mainly for motor boats, although a few sailing vessels have their home here rather than at the Knysna Yacht Club at the Waterfront. There is secure trailer parking in the Club grounds, and the public slipway is very well used. LIBC is a private club but anyone with an interest in boating, yachting, canoeing or anything to do with boats should pay a visit, and is sure to receive friendly advice on all matters boating, fishing and bait-gathering from one of the managers.

The Club was initially a section of the Leisure Isle Country Club and had mooring facilities on leased ground at Kingfisher Creek. It shared the LICC clubhouse with the tennis and bowls sections, but in 1992 it broke away and the present Club was formed. Berths are only hired out to club members. Non-members wishing to hire a berth may apply for temporary membership, and secure trailer parking is also available to them. A handsome new clubhouse with modern facilities was completed in 2005, and is the pride of the Club. The clubhouse and its facilities are available for hire, but only through a member of the Club.

Should you be interested in becoming a member, please call us on 044 384 0825 or download our membership application form.